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The following events have been planned for 2021 (subject to Covid restrictions).

  • January - Kagami Biraki (UK)
  • March - Jukado Kempo (UK)
  • April - Joint Seminar with Christian Wedewardt (Germany).
  • June / July - Bunkai Bash (UK)
  • June / July - Isshindokan Europe (Poland)
  • June - Club Grading
  • August - Chris Hanson (UK) - TBC
  • September - Karate for Mental Health
  • October - Joint Seminar with Christian Wedewardt (UK)


For information on all of the products available from Les please see our shop.

The latest and upcoming products include:

  • Karate for Mental Health T-shirts
  • Hikite4Ever T-shirts [Coming soon]
  • Czarny pas - Droga do spokoju (Polish addition of Anxious Black Belt) [Coming soon]
  • Thoughts on Karate book [Coming soon]