Group Training Sessions

Please note that in line with the Government's current guidance attendance at all classes must be pre-registered. Club members can book their attendance at classes via our app.

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Karate Classes

Regular Classes

From the 18th of May we will be resuming our regular classes.

Guildford - Tuesdays - 8:00pm Start

QE Park Centre, Railton Road, Queen Elizabeth Park, Guildford. GU2 9LX.

Guildford - Thursdays - 8:00pm Start

QE Park Centre, Railton Road, Queen Elizabeth Park, Guildford. GU2 9LX.

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Karate Fitness

What is Karate Fitness?

Karate fitness is an exercise class that incorporates physical exercises that support Karate training. These exercises can cover aspects such as speed, agility, strength and mobility.

Outdoor Classes

Due to coronavirus, Les is currently running an outdoor, socially distanced class.

Guildford - Saturdays - 10:00am Start

Please contact Les for location details.

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Taiso Classes - The Art of Gentle Exercise

What is Taiso?

Taiso is a form of gentle exercise that is based on Karate. It consists of modified Karate kata that are performed as a form of moving meditation.

We run gentle exercise classes that are suitable for people of all ages and levels of physical fitness. Our Taiso system has been created by taking and modifying kata from our style of Karate and setting it to calming music. Movements are performed slowly and gently, improving health and relaxation through moving meditation.

Taiso has many health benefits especially as it is not just working out our muscles, but our brain as well, which helps to calm our mental state. Via form training we can improve strength, balance, flexibility and mobility. Our brain is stimulated by learning new patterns, building new neuron connections and reinforcing them by repetition. Natural, deep breathing oxygenates blood, relaxes tension and calms the spirit.

Taiso Classes

From the 21st of May we will be returning to indoor training, but at a new venue in Fairlands.

Fairlands - Fridays - 1:30pm Start

Fairlands Community Centre, Fairlands Avenue, Fairlands, Guildford, Surrey. GU3 3NA.

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