Seminars and Private Classes

Seminars with Les

Les has run and been invited as an instructor to numerous seminars and has had the pleasure of teaching alongside some of the leading exponents of martial arts in the U.K. and Europe.

Typical subjects that Les covers in seminars include:

  • Tai sabaki (body management) and kuzushi (taking one off balance)
  • Tegumi (grappling) and Tuite (joint locks)
  • Kata bunkai (applications)
  • Meditation via Kata
  • Adapting Karate for different groups (elderly, children, those with special needs)
  • Improving mobility, flexibility and coordination

Upcoming Seminars

For details of Les' upcoming seminars please see the News and Events page.

Book a Seminar

Les is available to teach seminars for those of all abilities and ages, and would be happy to discuss any customised teaching programmes that you may wish him to cover.

If you would like to book a seminar with Les, please contact us with the proposed details including the date and venue for the seminar and Les will get back to you.

Private Classes and Workshops

Les works with organisations (for example the mental health charity, Oakleaf) to provide structured classes and workshops that are tailored to the needs of a specific group and is only open to their clients.

If you would like to organise regular classes or a workshop with Les please contact us with an overview of your needs and Les will get back to you.