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My aim is to promote Karate as a tool for the improvement of both physical and mental health. I am a dedicated practitioner of the art of the empty hand and have been for over 25 years.

I provide inclusive martial arts tuition and work with a variety of clients and organisations. My maxim is:

"Strong and caring people are the pillars of society, and Karate helps to cultivate them."

What I offer:

  • Practical Karate training
  • Inclusive classes
  • Disabled access
  • Seminars
  • Competitions
  • Great company

To find out more about the Karate for Mental Health programme that I have started please click here.

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Aspire, Guildford Borough Council


Aspire is about supporting local people and helping local communities. We were very happy to support Les in providing fitness & learning to engage people in his community achieve a greater sense of wellbeing, friendship, togetherness and better health.




Les Bubka’s Karate sessions have been really beneficial to our clients. He is reliable, respectful and non judgemental. We’ve had lots and lots of great feedback from clients who have taken part in his activity. We are grateful to have him on board.




Must start by saying I have only known Les Bubka for just over four years and totally appreciate his mellow way of teaching Karate so different to the way I have been taught martial arts before. The first and best point about Les teaching Karate is his passion to teach Karate, it does not phase him if you are the only student there he just loves to teach you. The teaching methods he uses must be unique to him as he always adapts to bring the best in all his student learning. Plus Les is very open to many if all styles of martial arts plus going and running his own seminars as I have joined him on many times even overseas. Each year he holds a seminar for Karate For Mental Health that is open to all a great cause that I enjoy most and hope to see you there. Best Regards Gary W.




Les Bubka my Karate teacher, is a very good teacher. He is understanding of each of the individuals personal disabilities. He encourages you to work on your weaknesses as well as your strengths. He always says that the most important rule in the dojo is to relax and to enjoy yourself. He lets us know that if at any point we feel we can’t do something we can just sit down and watch. He always shows us how to do the move correctly but he always gives a different way of doing it if the individual will find it too hard. Les Care’s about all his students and that’s the main thing he caters not just about there physical health and condition but all there mental health. I couldn’t of asked for a better coach he’s made me feel confident in my abilities and has never let me give up on the things I feel less confident in doing. Yours faithfully Jason.




I have trained with Les for a number of years and I can honestly say Les is the best personal trainer I’ve ever had. Les uses his understanding of anatomy and body mechanics to adapt exercises to suit you, as he recognises we are all not made the same, and our bodies have different limitations. Les knows when to push you, but and also when to give you a break. Through his encouragement and patience you’ll be able to achieve your own goals. Les will put every effort to take you wherever you want to go and beyond, and he will be with you at each step of the way. It will feel more like a team effort and an exciting challenge rather than a struggle to get your routine done. Personally, I was hooked to the training. I never thought I would progress as fast as I did and be able to perform techniques I’ve never even dreamt of before. I would fully trust Les with my workouts. If you’ve got a special goal in mind, I can assure you that Les is the person to help you achieve that special dream.




I started training with Les a couple of weeks into lockdown in the UK. He offered a Karate based fitness class on a Saturday morning and as I train in Karate I thought it would be fun to do. It’s always a good combination of very hard work and laughs. He makes the online class work well and demonstrates the exercises in a simpler form for those who have a bad back for example. He’s a good informative teacher and gets us to work hard! I would recommend this class to anyone who likes a fitness class and martial arts.




For a period of several months, Les provided me with personal boxing training. The purpose of the training was to help me build stamina, relax my technique and develop punching combinations that were effective and which suited my ‘style’. His experience and depth of knowledge in various martial arts, together with his attention to detail, suited my needs. After a few weeks, the improvement was noticeable. I accept that I will never be a threat to Manny Pacquiao but, there again, who is? I would recommend Les to anyone seeking effective and affordable personal training of a very high standard.




After talking to Les about my training, gym and nutrition goals, he designed a training routine to suit my needs. My previous program was cardio heavy so he substituted a cardio day for another weights day working on 3 days in the gym a week. My concern was that my weight was falling but after two weeks of following Les' program my weight had stayed constant and after three weeks I could see a change in my body. Another issue he took into consideration was the short time I have in the gym. Les fitted a warm up, weights for all body and stretching exercises into a 30 to 45mins session with an update in 6 weeks. With Les' experience in various martial arts disciplines, he was also able to tailor my program with Karate in mind.

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